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Veterinary Care Has Become a Business to Cost Poor Animals’ Lives

* Veterinary Care, now just a game of earning money costing poor animals’ lives. The Vets who supposed to be the saviors of diseased animals are now putting their lives on death stake just for the sake of money.

Alas! It is a bitter reality which is severely affecting poor pet owners.

Let us discuss a heart-wrenching story of a poor diseased dog and his poor helpless owners.

Not only humans but animals also own the right to be treated righteously and get proper aid on being diseased or injured even without worrying about the cost of treatment. Unfortunately, still, somehow, our society does not treat animals righteously.

Live Example of “Veterinary Care is a Bussiness”

Same as I mentioned above, in my life, I glanced a live example of Veterinary Care molded into a business of earning money. Last year,

A few days ago, I lost my beloved pet, a German Shepherd dog by breed. It was the most miserable day of my life when I lost him; in fact, a part of my self. Seeing him in woeful condition and going far away from us was like heading towards hell. However, all we could do is to request and cry before the vets to save him. But all in vain, as being belong to a low-income family, I couldn’t afford to save him. Unfortunately, I ended up losing him forever.

Veterinary Care dog
Veterinary Care dog

However, this incident opened my eyes and made me know about the treacherousness of Vets who are the most brutal and avaricious disguised as doctors and saviors of innocent animals. 

Our pet, in fact, a beloved member of our family, Brutes suddenly fell sick and make us all down with his day-by-day draining health.

Sadistically, we were unaware of how to handle such agonizing situation all of a sudden, and this worsens Brutes’ health. Brutes fell miserably sick as Brutes couldn’t even stand on his feet properly, and this alarming situation made us call the local vet.  He diagnosed poorly diseased Brutes and came up with the result that Brutes has severe mouth cancer. However, all in vain, he refused to help us as we couldn’t afford to pay him the demanded amount for treatment. Ruthlessly, he demanded $1000 even before commencing Brutes’ treatment.

We, broken-hearted, rushed towards another local veterinary care hospital. But they also refused to help us out as we couldn’t fulfill their demand to pay thousands of dollars.

Almost, all near-by veterinary care centers refused to help us before getting the total amount for the treatment. Approximately, Brutes’ treatment required thousands of dollars, which we were unable to pay as we belong to the lower class. 

At last, we lost Brutes. He left us wrenched in an immense pain which will never end.

Moreover, Poor Brutes’ death raised a question which I am going to mention below.

Being a Poor Man, One Can’t Have a Pet?

All of the miserable happenings that lead us losing our beloved Brutes raised a gut-wrenching question. The question follows as, being a poor man, one can’t have a pet?

Pitilessly, the veterinary center staff told us that we shouldn’t have got a pet if we can’t afford to pay for his treatment. Even many other people around us said the same. Alas! Such utterings were so agonizing even more hurtful than seeing Brutes in that miserable condition.

Getting a pet is none other than a blessing but keeping the pet is such a laborious task. No doubt, as a pet lover and owner, a pet is a part of your family. Therefore, nothing is dearer than nourishing your pet just as you look after your own children.

But, if any of your children, your beloved pet falls sick and you in spite of doing every possible thing to assist him, end up losing him. Does it your fault that you couldn’t succeed in saving him?

Just because you can’t afford to pay heavy amounts of thousands of dollar on your pets’ treatment as demanded by the veterinary care centers, you don’t deserve to have a pet? 

Relentlessly, the Life Savior Veterinary Care Centers are now costing the lives of innocent poor pets just for the sake of money. Instead of giving priority of an animal’s life, they ask poor pet owners not to get a pet if you can’t afford to pay on their treatment. 

Alas, such a woeful and bitter reality of our world.!

Hence, Veterinary Care has become a business costing innocent pets’ lives just to earn money. 

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