Fat Burning Process and Increase It? Side Effects Loss Your Weight

Fat Burning: Often you will find fitness clubs or people who have been dressed in the dressing pitch or dressed in cellophilos, which are absolutely convinced that they will lose weight faster and more efficiently. Their main argument is that the more sweat is exposed during exercise, the more Fat Burning and the faster the weight They lose.

These arguments often cause an example of athletes, or even more regrettable, maybe even a trainer or dietitian advise (I believe this is a reason or a quick outcome or less aware of this issue).

Fat Burning

Before you take a closer look at this process, I would like to remind you of the general simplest regulation that anyone knows who is taking too much weight – the weight loss is when the amount of calories you have received is less than the spent and the calories burn out the energy demand.

The calories obtained are considered by food (not by water) and the calories spent by fat (but not lost).

If the packaging is lost, then do the calories really come together with sweat? Enhanced sweating fast accelerates fat burning process Is it a fast result or not?

The answer to the last question will tell you – yes, you get the result, very soon after the exercise, the scalp will show you a noticeable reduction, but this result is not only quick but also temporary, very small.

What weight do we lose during the sweating?

In such a time, the rapid reduction of body weight is caused by the loss of large quantities of water. Sweat is missing the water and it is not Fat Burning. At the expense of the packaging, the process of water (sweating) has nothing to do with the metabolism or the number of calories spent, and therefore no fat burning process.

The weight loss at the expense of water loss is a temporary effect and it will be reimbursed with several water glasses!

I know that many people will read this string as soon as I read it, I’m spending and exercising well and I’m so tired. I believe but you trained and probably preserved the diet, so you dropped – as a result of exercise and diet and not packaging.

By the way, I’d like to admit that I have done something like this when you have become less aware of this issue and one of the positive things I can say about the packaging is a psychological factor. I remember how to add sweat and strength to the pace and exercise because I was sure that Fat Burning was lying on my body and I was trying to strengthen the combustion efficiency.

More detail and dangers

First of all, the enhanced sweating during exercise – this is not related to fat burning. This is the function of thermoregulation of the body – to reduce the body temperature during exercise, the body temperature decreases with sweating. During the exercise in cell phones, the effect of “thermoses” is created, thus causing thermoregulation process, the organism is overwhelmed and the threat of heat hitting. The danger is bigger, the larger the area is packed. People with a very weak heart are especially facing the risk. It is very dangerous to pack in summer hot weather.

Heat hitting symptoms:

  • Strong sweating
  • Shortness of breath
  • Weakness
  • Dizzy
  • Tightness, visual hallucinations (flickering eyes)

Frequent or Weak Pulse (fat burning)

In the case of overheating, the entire forces and resources of the organism are shifted to the cooling process, and the difficult process of burning fat is difficult – on the contrary! The organism attempts to burn fewer calories to prevent sweating since it can not cope with unnaturally inflated sweat caused by interference from outside.

Additionally, the lack of water is affected by metabolism processes. It is difficult to deliver products from the muscles, cells and useful substances. So, in cellophane and the enhanced sweating does not fat burning, only prevent fat burning, but it also prevents you!

A member of the American Council on Exercise (ACE, American Council on Exercise) by Pit McCaul, tightly packed on the abdominal part of the stomach muscles and burns fewer calories than training without packaging.

fat burning for male and women, so By the way, the use of sweatshirts was prohibited by the National Sports Association of American Sports (NCAA) after it became the cause of the death of three athletes who were trained in hot weather.

An excerpt from the interview of Jillian Michael (famous American fitness expert)

  • Journalist: Do you have a better outcome when it comes to training?
  • Jillian Miles: No, the goal is to speed up the heart work, so if you exercise 85% of the rhythm of your heart rhythm, you will definitely get the result. It is not necessary to go away. By sweating, our organism is cooling.

There is a common misconception that if you perform yoga exercises in the heat, burn more calories. It’s not right, your body needs to get out from inside and not vice versa. The successful exercise regime is measured by its intensity and the best measure is the heart Load the maximum allowable radius limit of 85%.

Where does this myth come from?

Fat Burning: One of the myths of this myth is the methods used by professional athletes. Yes, some athletes who come out in different types of sports, where they are divided into weight categories, use a packet of cellophane or other sweat power packs.

But they know why they use it – this is another way to get to the common weight competition in order to get into his weight category while having a little extra weight. I will add, professional sports goal is to win the competition and not health!

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